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Sleep Away: Friday

What a last day at camp we had today! After our french toast and fruit breakfast, 2-weekers got their bathing suits and were off to the Eldorado Springs Pool! The weather was hot, sunny, and perfect weather for our adventure. We enjoyed our bagged lunches poolside, applied sunscreen often, drank a ton of water, and most importantly had a lot of fun!

1-weekers had a great time at their Camp-A-Palooza, doing just about anything they wanted around camp this morning. Archery, crafts, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and playing games to name a few!

Packing, exchanging addresses, hugs and a few tears were about before dinner tonight as campers wound down for the day. After a delicious dinner of turkey, homemade bread, soup, and veggies, campers put on some warm clothes and were off to closing campfire. We had a great night of songs, some inspiring quotes read by campers and counselors, stories and reflections, and a wonderful Key Log ceremony. Campers and staff thanked people who have helped their journey either in camp or outside of camp, and gave some very touching acknowledgements.

We look forward to a yummy breakfast tomorrow, goodbyes (until next summer!), and saying hi to family and friends again! Thanks to everyone who made this summer so successful.

Sleep Away: Thursday!

We had a very busy second-to-last full day of camp today, starting right after breakfast with our last day of activities. Climbing explored new routes on the crag, sailing successfully named every part of a boat before getting on the water, theater perfected their performances for the Talent Show, and hiking enjoyed the views from Thunder Ridge! Outdoor Exploration had an awesome time examining plants, hiking around camp, and playing some nature games! Crafts finished up their beautiful community art project with Kylee to share with camp this evening.

The 1-week campers had a great morning with Amanda at the archery range, followed by fishing with Dana!

We were very happy to welcome back our backpackers this afternoon, who were very excited to share that they had perfect weather and beautiful sights all throughout their 3-day journey. They also set a really impressive time climbing the 4 mile, uphill hike- only 3 hours and 15 minutes!! Great job!

For third period today, campers had a blast at the Camp Carnival- with face paint, throw-a-sponge-at-a-director, and so many games! Ring toss, balloon darts, tire swing toss, hula hoop rolling, bucket ball, hit-over-the-cans, and ping pong ball throwing were challenging- but campers did great! Singing camp songs to counselors earned campers more tickets to play games, and we went through just about every song in the book!

Tonight was the much anticipated Camp Talent Show, and wow do we have some very brave and talented campers and counselors! We had pianists, amazing singing voices, funny comedy acts, some great jokes, skits from our theater program, a group jam session, community art, some air instrumentalists, some very accurate Gollum impressions, poetry, dancing, and more!

We can’t wait to spend the day at the Eldorado Springs Pool tomorrow!

Sleep Away: Wednesday!

As camp is winding down to the last few days, everyone is sad, excited, anxious, and energetic all at once! The day started with waffles and fruit for breakfast this morning, followed by the first day of our second-half-of-the-week activities- climbing, theater, sailing, outdoor exploration, and crafts were back in swing with new campers! Some talented climbers were very excited to belay with Ben and help teach other campers the technique, too. Theater practiced some awesome skits for the talent show tomorrow night, sailing practiced maneuvering in pairs and on their own, and crafts worked on painting their paper mache creations with Kylee!

1-weekers had a great time hiking with Olivia and Annie! They also enjoyed their horseback riding adventure this morning with Brenden and Daniel.

After lunch and rest hour, campers got to try out their Open Free programs that they planned last night- meditation, tie-dying, hiking / tree saving, the jam session, and frisbee golf were a hit with both the campers that led them and those who joined in! (If your camper brings home tie-dye that they made with Jen and Kylee, please wash alone in cold water to allow the ink to set in before washing with other items. Thanks!)

After dinner, evening program began with some favorite songs with Tom, followed by some energetic games with Jen! Shin-ball got everyone moving around and trying to tag other campers’ and counselors’ shins with bean bags. We sang some closing songs with Tom, prepared for tomorrow, opened some mail, and were off to bed. We can’t wait to welcome back Jenna, Jay, and our backpackers tomorrow and hear all about their adventure!

Happy Tuesday from Sleep Away!

Blueberry pancakes started off our day here at camp! After breakfast, campers cleaned their cabins, sunscreened up, and prepared for their second day of first-half-of-the-week activities! Sailing learned assemble their own boats, outdoor exploration learned all about owls and dissected owl pellets, crafts made fairy houses and paper mache, and archery worked on their accuracy. The 1-weekers enjoyed Wally the climbing wall! We were also excited to send off our backpackers this morning for their 3-day adventure through Rocky Mountain National Park. We can’t wait to hear all about it on Thursday!

After lunch, activities continued and we enjoyed some Organized Free time. Swimming in the lake, building animal houses, fishing, playing games in the field, and making lanyards were some popular choices!

For evening program, we started outside in the sun playing some group games and singing a lot of songs! The Handshake game lead by Annie and Jessi was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know everyone better! Jen lead Zebraconious tag, where campers tag the back of other campers’ and counselors’ calves and help tag other players back into the game when they are out. After tag, we headed into the Big Hall to plan Open Free period for tomorrow and Thursday. Campers shared what they’re interested in doing and leading during this space, and they had some amazing ideas! Meditating on the dock, tie-dyeing, frisbee golf, hiking / marking trees, making music, and acting were some of the activities campers came up with to lead and participate in during their third period spaces for the next few days. We can’t wait to see how these new programs go!

Sleep Away: Monday

A yummy breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese, quesadillas started off our morning, before 2-week campers jumped into their new round of activities. Paddling, sailing, archery, crafts, and sports & games all enjoyed the beautiful weather before lunch! 1-weekers enjoyed some climbing with Ben and Jessi this morning, as well as fishing with Daniel and Olivia!

After macaroni and cheese with chili for lunch, and a well earned rest hour, 1-week campers did awesome in a group team building circuit with their counselors! They also decorated water bottles, played games, and sang some songs. 2-week campers continued their activities with theater, outdoor exploration, fishing, and horseback riding! Backpacking practiced hiking with their packs, double checked all of their equipment, and can’t wait until they head out on their adventure tomorrow morning!

For evening program, after a delicious taco night, we started off singing some songs with Tom! “Sloopy,” and “Lean on Me” were on the top of the list. Campers and counselors played some goofy rounds of Ship Island before heading to their Embers locations. We used yarn to make a web connecting us with things such as- why we love camp, why we came to camp, and what we’ve learned at camp. We then turned that yarn into bracelets so we can keep those things in mind this week! We also enjoyed some S’mores with our cabin mates and counselors.

We can’t wait to send backpacking off on their journey, and continue activities tomorrow!


Sleep Away: Sunday

Welcome new 1-week campers! After a morning of cleaning, organizing, setting up, and decorating, counselors and 2-week campers were very excited to welcome our new camp members!

While the 1-weekers settled in and unpacked, 2-weekers picked their activities for the final week of camp. Backpacking is super excited about their 3-day trip through Rocky Mountain National Park this week! We have a great group and know they’re have a lot of fun. They’ll be learning how to pack their equipment tomorrow, and get to practice hiking with it!

A lot of campers have been learning how to belay this week, and can’t wait to be back in climbing to belay with Ben! Archery, hiking, outdoor exploration, crafts, theater, horseback riding, paddling, fishing, sports & games, and sailing all continue this week, too!

After dinner, we were off to our Sunday night campfire to welcome our 1-weekers, play games, sing songs, and look forward to the week ahead! After our opening song of “Sloopy,” we played a round of meet everyone in camp in 2 minutes! Our new 1-weekers did great! We also had the challenge of putting ourselves in birthday order, and finding things in common with different sized groups of campers and counselors. After goodnights and announcements, we closed with “Lean on Me.” We look forward to starting our new session of activities tomorrow, and getting to know our new campers even better.

Sleep Away: Saturday!

We certainly had an emotional morning at camp, saying goodbye to all of our 1-week friends. After breakfast, we helped pack, said goodbyes and see-you-next-summer’s, and 2-weekers got ready to head to the meadow. On this very sunny morning, we enjoyed hiking all around the meadow and taking in the beautiful views. We played parachute games, frisbee, did some reading, wrote letters, and relaxed a little at this halfway point through the camp session.

After lunch and rest hour, we played a round of camp Auction! Cabins worked together and got creative to earn points through various challenges. Building a zoo with pipe cleaners, making a fort that could withhold a bucket of water, drawing a mural of what their cabin’s done at camp so far, putting on a 5 minute puppet show, and building a fire that could be lit with 3 matches or less were among the harder tests! Campers came up with group strategies, used their imagination and put their camp skills to the test to earn points to bid on prizes such as: Tom playing guitar for their cabin during rest hour, being first in line for snack, first to the salad bar, lanyard making with Jen, and even pouring a bucket of water over a director of their choice’s head!

We look forward to welcoming our new 1-week campers tomorrow! (And sleeping in an extra hour, and heading to breakfast in our PJ’s!)

Sleep Away: Friday

We welcomed our backpackers back to camp this morning, and were so happy to hear about their adventure! The group had a great time outdoor cooking, hiking, setting up tents, and being outside. Horseback riders got to ride a bit longer today, brought bagged lunches, and had their lunch out on the trail with Ben! The views were beautiful, and the warm and sunny weather made for a great afternoon at the stables.

After our last activity periods of the week, campers and counselors enjoyed a camp-wide game of Gold Rush- where cabin groups had to search all over camp for gold nuggets, and make it back to the bank without those pesky Bandits interfering! Campers came up with some impressive strategies, and got nearly every gold nugget safely to the bank!

We had a delicious dinner tonight, of chicken, soup, rice, homemade bread, vegetables, and salad. We dressed up, dined with tablecloths, thought about what a great week we’ve had together, and prepared for tonight’s campfire.

Tonight’s campfire had a theme of “Be Yourself.” We had some inspiring quotes and stories from campers and counselors, sang “If You Want to Sing Out,” and “Lean On Me,” and reflected on our week. Tommy told us the story of the Key Log- and how many years ago, men sending huge trees downriver to where they were needed often came across the problem of moving logs that were stuck in the chaos. They called those Key Logs, and at campfire tonight, we talked about overcoming our own Key Logs. Campers and counselors stood up and shared some very special recognition to friends at camp that have helped their journey in moving their personal Key Log downriver, and placed it into the fire. We said goodbye to our 1-week campers, and miss them already.

We look forward to spending the day in the meadow tomorrow!

Sleep Away: Thursday

We said goodbye to Jenna, Jay, and our backpackers as they were off for their overnight this morning- and they’re very excited for the good weather in store for their night in Rocky Mountain National Park. We know they’ll have a blast!

Our first day of second round programs was a success, including horseback riding, sailing, theater, crafts, and many others. Hiking with Dana and Chris had some amazing views as they trekked all around camp property during their morning program! Open Space during third period was lead by very talented campers- meditation was truly relaxing, log rolling with Tommy keeps getting better and better as campers and counselors get the hang of it, tie-dyeing made some beautiful bandanas, fishing from canoes enjoyed some quality time on the water, and photography got to use both a DSLR and 35mm film camera! (Some of tonight’s photos were even taken by campers!)

Tonight’s evening program was an exciting, and goofy, night hike- a mix of great sunset views, cabin bonding, stories of why pirates wear eye patches, seeing if mints really spark when you chew them in the dark, and singing along the camp trails! We can’t wait for our second day of programs tomorrow.

Sleep Away: Wednesday!

This morning the 1-weekers enjoyed a beautiful horseback ride through the woods trails down at the stables with Daniel and Annie! Afterwards, they had fun on the lake during one of the most sunny and beautiful afternoons at camp this summer!

2-weekers had some great adventures during their last day of first-half-of-the-week activities, including sailing across the lake, catching some rainbow trout, learning all about owls, performing some great improv with Wes in theater, creating mystical paper mache animals with Kylee, and preparing to head out on an overnight backpacking trip! Jenna, Jay, and their group are very excited for their overnight trip Thursday-Friday!

Evening program tonight was an experience unique to AO- campers planning their programs for Open Free Period, for Thursday and Friday afternoon. Key Log Rolling, photography, fishing from canoes, tie-dyeing, meditating, hula hooping, rock throwing, and Tae Kwon Do were just some of the great ideas campers brainstormed to lead and participate in! We’re looking forward to an awesome Open Free with such an energetic group of campers!

After planning and signing up for activities, campers and counselors enjoyed Embers at their cabin campfire spots. Campers learned about the phrase “I Can’t,” and how to get past using it, and thinking it. During Embers, we had a funeral for the words “I Can’t,” and watched challenges and troubles that we’ve had with these words burn away. We look forward to starting our second half of the week programs tomorrow!