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Eldorado Canyon: Thursday!

The campers all had a great Thursday back at camp! We got there in record time, sang our songs and played a game of “Ship, Island.” There were a lot of new commands and we were all laughing by the end of the game! After sunblock and filling our water bottles, the groups began heading to archery. While one group was down at the range, the others played a game of 52 card-pick-up and Owl. After lunch, we continued sending groups to archery. All the campers did an AMAZING job! During one of the group’s turns we explored the ‘Grand Canyon’ and found baby salamanders and even an adult salamander! It was super exciting! In the afternoon the groups de-briefed and built forts before snack. We played a short game of “Honey, I Love You” before cleaning up and getting on the bus. Tomorrow is the last day of camp and we are excited for skits!

Eldorado Canyon: Wednesday!

Due to the weather, pool day was cancelled– but we still had an awesome day! We took a little adventure to NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research! As soon as we arrived we did sunblock and filled our waterbottles before heading out on a hike! We took a few breaks to take in the views and sing some songs but went all the way to the water tower where we played a game of poison frog and then ate lunch! During lunch, we heard Shock-T calling to us! Everyone was so excited– but we never got to see him, as ‘sitings’ of Shock-T often go. We hiked back down and got to explore some of the exhibitions at the center before heading back to Whittier on the bus. Back at Whittier, we played “Blob tag” while the weather lasted. Once it started raining a bit we did shields inside the school. They came out great! We will put them on the bus on Friday and become part of the AO legacy! After shields we did some lanyards and friendship bracelets. Then, the campers gathered to watch a volcano that Annie made using baking soda and vinegar! Even though it was small– it was really cool! We had snack and sang songs then played outside until it was time to go home. Tomorrow we will be back at camp to do archery!

Eldorado Canyon Tuesday: Climbing Day!

The campers had a great day climbing today! We got started right away so that the campers could have time to explore, climb and see the wonderful views at our climbing site! While the first group climbed the rest did songs and played a game of Evolution– it was great to see everyone’s eggs, chickens, dinosaurs and robot impressions. After the game, the groups split and did their different activities. The groups made pet rocks, animal masks, played some great camp games and did some team building activities! Everyone got a turn to climb and build forts before the weather got a little rough! We had snack a little early and ate in the tepee. It cleared up and we were able to play a game of “Honey, I love you” before getting on the bus to head down! Tomorrow will be pool day!

Eldorado Canyon Monday at Wondervu!

We had a great start of the second week at camp! After arriving at camp Wondervu, everyone gathered for songs and a game of “The Sun Shines On.” After, once we we all put on sunscreen and filled our water bottles, all the campers went on a hike around the perimeter of the property. We ended at an overlook with incredible views for a picnic lunch. It was so fun to have the entire camp hiking together! We returned to camp to find a tepee being built on site! Some of the campers helped with the building process and some watched. The groups continued their day with their scheduled activities of Toobeez, Pet Rocks and Tumblebugs. All the groups played some camp games before returning together for snack. It was the Psychotic Iron Unicorns Who Eat Porkchops that mixed their GORP. It was so tasty! After we cleaned up camp a bit, we sang “On Top of Spaghetti” and got on the bus to return to Boulder. Tomorrow we will be back at Wondervu for climbing day!

Friday at Wondervu!

We had an awesome day at Wondervu. We arrived a bit late after getting caught in some traffic so we were sure to sing extra songs to get our bodies moving! Then we played a group game of “Giants, Wizards and Elves.” The groups split off to do their planned activities before lunch. One group did a challenging spider web course and the others did crafts of pet rocks and popsicle stick creations. Everyone ate lunch and we watched the weather to see if we were able to go to the Meadow. Unfortunately it started storming! We went into the bus to decorate our kites and as soon as it was done storming we went back outside to finish them! ┬áThe campers got to test their kites for a little before another storm rolled in. It was back onto the bus for us! We did not mind one bit! We played some fun games and soon the sun was shining so that we were able to enjoy snack outdoors! We ended the day with two games– Poison Frog and “Honey, I love you.” We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you on Monday for another great week at camp!

Thursday at Wondervu!

We had a wonderful day at Wondervu today! The weather started out great and we were able to start the groups fishing right away! The other groups did their planned activities and team building exercises while we took turns fishing. The groups built a structure using Toobeez and another group told the story of Shock-T. We will look for signs of Shock-T on our group hike scheduled for next week! We did not catch anything fishing, and unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to get Jim’s cabin group to fish! Instead, we played some all camp games to keep us warm while it rained a little here and there. The campers had a great time nonetheless. There was a group game of Wax Museum and the campers helped to mix the GORP for snack! After snack, we had some time before the bus came so we played a game of, “Honey, I love you”– it was very hard to keep a straight face! Tomorrow we will be back at Wondervu for the morning and then off to the meadow in the afternoon!

Pool Day at Eldorado Canyon!

We had an awesome pool day at Eldorado Canyon! We sang some songs on the bus because Mesa Trailhead was closed, but we still sang our favorite pool day song, “Baby Shark.” After arrival at the pool we set up camp at the picnic tables, put on sunblock and filled our waterbottles and then hopped into the pool! It was a hot day and the water was nice and refreshing. We swam until lunch and after lunch we did our crafts for the day– lanyards, friendship bracelets and sponge bugs. There were some clouds but as soon as it cleared up we went back into the pool until snack time. We had watermelon for snack, sang our songs and headed back to Boulder on the bus. Tomorrow we will be back at Wondervu for fishing!

Eldorado Canyon: First Day!

We had an awesome first day at camp, today! We escaped the heat up at Wondervu, where we started our day with some of our favorite camp songs including, “Little Red Wagon,” “Tarzan” and sang a special Happy Birthday to our counselor, Megan. Then we went over some of the rules at camp and had a little orientation. The campers all found their counselors and began playing icebreakers to get to know one another. Everyone decorated their waterbottles and came up with cabin group names. The groups are: The Phat Phlatty Chickens, the Psychotic Iron Unicorns who Eat Porkchops and the Minecraft Adventure Phineas and Ferb Guys. After lunch, the groups went on a walk around the property or up to Thunder Ridge to see the view of the Continental Divide and played in the blank space. There were some awesome forts that were built! We all came together at the end of the day for snack and songs before heading down the canyon. We are so excited for our second day of camp, tomorrow!

Eldorado Canyon : Last Day!

We had an awesome and busy last day of camp! When we got to camp, two groups went straight away to archery, while the others sang songs. Archery was so much fun! We swapped groups after about an hour, so that all the campers had a chance to practice their skits for the afternoon! We all got ready, painted our faces and brought our props to the amphitheater to perform! There were great skits about sarcastic llamas who, a really horrible amusement park, Elvis facing the end of the world and an island jungle that no human had ever been to! All the campers did a GREAT job! After skits, we went back for our last snack of GORP and told our favorite memories of camp. We ended with ALL our favorite afternoon songs, including the National Anthem! This session was so much fun and we hope to see everyone next year, or later in the summer!

Eldorado Canyon Pool Day!

The campers had an awesome pool day today! The weather was beautiful and the water was the warmest its been all season. Everyone started the day with a song at Mesa Trailhead. We saw the juniors off and got on the bus to the Eldorado pool! After putting on sunscreen and filling our water bottles we started swimming right away. There was another group there, so the pool was a bit crowded but we did not mind one bit! We broke for lunch at the picnic tables and dried off a bit before doing our crafts and making our shields for the bus. The campers will pick a special spot on the ceiling of the bus to place their shield and become part of the AO legacy! The campers had the chance to make lanyards and swim again until snack time. We ended with songs and packed the bus up to head back to Boulder. We are looking forward to our last day, tomorrow where we will be doing skits and archery!