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Eldorado Canyon Session 2: Day 10

Today was our last day of Session 2 at Eldorado Canyon! The bus ride was full of songs, as we sang some of our favorites from camp as we headed into the canyon. For morning songs we sang
“Boom Chicka Boom” and “Let Me See Your Funky Chicken.” The groups spent their day doing the crafts they had not gotten to throughout the session, or that they wanted to do again. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to practicing for the camper’s skits and making costumes. The skits were clever and of course, hilarious. Most of the campers were face-painted as their characters. The skits included one about sloths, one about sassy animals, and one about time travel. After skits each group put their “Time Capsule” craft into the capsule, which will be opened at Session 2 in 2014! We ended the day with Gorp and sang “I Love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti” for our afternoon songs. A great ending to a great session!

Fabulous Final Friday!

We had a great last day in the canyon–we began our day with some fun, energetic songs, including Get Loose and Little Red Wagon. Campers sunscreened and then began their day–groups enjoyed creek sloshing, lanyard-making, creating marblized paper, teambuilding, mixing gorp, and, most importantly, creating and performing skits! After performing their skits, we closed up our session time capsule as a big group–each cabin group got a chance to put in a specially-made craft. We ended our day with some final group closings, such as p-cord bracelets and cinammon roll. Then, we ate one last bowl of gorp, sang one last song, and headed home!
We’ve had a great summer of camp here in Boulder, we hope to see you next year!

Fishing Thursday!

This morning we all went fishing at the ponds. Several campers caught fish which was very exciting! We all rode the bus back to Base Camp where we cooled off in the sprinklers, mixed GORP, and did some team building activities. It was an awesome day here at camp! Tomorrow we are back in the canyon to wrap up our last session of camp!

Eldo Pool Day!

Today, we headed to beautiful Eldorado Pool! We had such a great time swimming in the sun! We began our day with some fun morning songs, and then headed to the pool as soon as it opened. We lathered on the sunscreen, and then jumped right in! We played on the diving board, in the shallows and deeps, and on the slide. After lunch, groups created their cabin group shields and worked on lanyards–ask your camper if they made a lanyard! We played in the pool all afternoon, and then hopped out, changed, and ate some delicious go-gurt for snack. Yum!

Tomorrow, we’re going fishing–see you there!

Groovy Monday in the Canyon!

We had a great start to our second week of session 4 in the canyon! We began our day with some fun camp songs and a great game of All Hail the Llama-Goat; it’s a high-energy, complicated, fun game! Then, groups put on some sunscreen and separated into groups to enjoy their days! Different groups bouldered, made clay creations, ran zombie runs, did marble painting, learned knots, created crazy sunglasses, and flew kites–it was great to see every group doing their own thing throughout the day. We finished our day with some delicious gorp mixed by the Pink and Purple Talking Parrots–it was yummy! We also opened last year’s session 4 time capsule–it was neat to see what last year’s campers left in their time capsule for us to discover! Campers this session will have the ability to create objects to put into this year’s session 4 time capsule later this week.

Tomorrow, we’re rock climbing! See you there!

Meadow Friday!

We had an awesome day at the Meadow! We began our day with lots of fun bus songs, and then sunscreened as soon as we got off the bus! Then, we sang a quick high energy game and played a fun matching game to get our day started. Two groups headed down to the river on an epic hike, while two groups headed down into the valley on a birding and animal trek. We saw some deer and horses, and may or may not have seen a bobcat! In the afternoon, groups did minute mysteries, made and flew kites, planned their schedules for Monday, and drank lots of water! We finished our day with some delicious snack and some fun bus songs–we’re all excited both for the weekend and for more camp on Monday!

On Monday, we’re back in the canyon; groups are doing bouldering, face painting, pet rocks, and more! See you then!

Terrific Tuesday!

We had an awesome Tuesday in the canyon–we began our day with some fun morning songs, including Fred the Moose and The Princess Pat. Then, we played Oh Deer!, a nifty game wherein campers act like deer trying to find enough resources to survive. If the deer can’t find the resource he/she needs, she becomes a resource for the next round. It was great fun! Following an emergency drill, we split into our four cabin groups–the Pink Purple Talking Parrots, the Electric Explosive Zombified Dragon Eels, the Rattlesnake Viper Ninjas from Outer Space, and the Soaring Blue Eagles and Firehawks. Each group had the chance to go an a terrific hike–one group went to the cave, another to the hotel, another up Eldo trail, and another to the ranger’s station! In the afternoon, groups had a chance to do some different crafts, such as spongebugs and popsicle stick creations. We ended the day with some delicious gorp and quieter afternoon songs, including I Love the Mountains and On Top of Spaghetti.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to the pool! We’ll see you there!

First Day of Session 4

We had a great first day in Eldo, setting the tone for an awesome session! Our groups went hiking, played games, sang songs, made water bottles, made up group names, and explored the ranger station. We’re looking forward to an action-packed day tomorrow, making new friends and learning new games! Everyone remember your water bottles tomorrow, because it looks like the sun is going to shine!

Final Friday Fun!

Our final Friday of session 3 was amazing! We began our day with some great morning songs, including Little Red Wagon and Head and Shoulders, Baby. Then, we sunscreened up and began our day! The Ninja Hippogriff Serpents headed up to the hotel, while other groups enjoyed hiking over to the rangers’ station and playing on the pad. We had a great morning doing clay, puzzle pieces, journals, teambuilding games, and more! In the afternoon, we did our cabin group skits; it was so fun to see what campers had come up with to entertain and amaze their camp-mates! Then, we sealed up our time capsule; each group put a project in that next year’s session 3 campers will discover. Then, we finished our afternoon with some delicious gorp mixed by the Swingin’ Monkey Poisonous Rattlesnakes. Yum! We headed home at the end of the day, with good friends and full tummies. See you either next session or next summer!

Fishing and more!

We began our day singing the Bumblebee and Titanic songs on the bus while we headed over to Sawhill Ponds.  We split into groups and began our day at the Ponds, where each group had the chance to fish.  Some campers were lucky and caught one-or even two-fish!  The day was full of activities, such as marbelized paper, making and flying kites, and the ever favorite lanyards.  Sawhill Ponds was also a great place to explore and wander around, finding a shady place to picnic.  We all ended the day back at basecamp where we worked on our skits for tomorrow’s performances and snacked on some Gorp prepared by the Ninja Hippogriff Serpents.  What a great second to last day!