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Denver Junior days

We’ve had busy days down in Denver Junior, so busy it’s been hard to blog.

On Tuesday, we saw tons of animals at the Refuge, like a bill snake, craw dads, fish, and we even found Sarah! On group put on a skit entitled “Pirated Save the Princess.” We will check out the contact station when we’re back on Friday.

Wednesday, everyone got a chance to climb Wally up at Wondervu. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The groups also hiked to Thunder Ridge, ate luch in a teepee, and found geodes hidden among the trees and and rocks.

Thursday, today, was pool day! We played tag games at the Green, like catch the sunscreen, bandaid tag, and blob tag. The pool was the perfect temperature, and we spent tons of time swimming and playing in the water.

Today, we also did a rock-themed obstacle course- we climbed through stalactites, crossed dangerous lava, and threw water on volcanoes.

Some songs we sang this week include Little Spaceship, Lttle Red Wagon, Baby Shark, The Moose Song, The Hippo Song, and Tarzan. Oh! And Sherman the Worm.

Some games we played this week include rock, paper, scissor Olympics; dead ant tag, and poison frog.


See you tomorrow!

Juniors Climb Wally and Swim at Jet Stream

Denver Juniors had an action-packed Wednesday!

To start our day off, we traveled with the Explorers to the Stapleton Green.  Activity Specialist Mike had camp’s climbing wall “Wally” set up, and Juniors were able to begin climbing right away.  The kids never cease to amaze me with their aptitudes, and I was impressed by how well the Junior group did with climbing.

Around midday, Conrad – our incredible bus driver – drove us to Jet Stream pool where we had ample time to relax, cool off, and play.  Campers had a great time playing the “jump-into-the-water-without-getting-your-head-wet” game, which was invented today and played for an hour.  We also had a fun time playing Marco Polo, and campers had the opportunity to show off their different swimming strokes across the wider area of the pool.

Juniors returned to Hangar 61 for the second part of the afternoon.  We had a delicious snack of Smorgasgorp, and we had some time to hang out and sing some songs.  We worked on “Ho Hey” as a group, and we also sang “Sloopy” in a whisper voice to close out the day.  Campers left happy and – dare I say – tired.

We can’t wait until we visit Eldorado Canyon tomorrow!

Denver Juniors’ Terrific Tuesday

The Denver Juniors had a fantastic Tuesday!

Our day began with versions of “Da Moose, Da Moose” and “Little Red Wagon.”  All of us had fun trying on the different actions and voices – many of which were quite silly.  After song time, all three cabin groups had the opportunity to hike around the lakes at the National Wildlife Refuge.  Everyone was able to have a nice, relaxing lunch in the shade, and some were able to watch the Explorers as they fished from the boardwalk.

At midday, all of us returned to base camp to practice our hands at archery.  All the kids had a lot of practice time, and they amazed their counselors with their quickly improving skills.  While one cabin group was practicing archery, the other two had time to create their cabin group codes and names, in addition to time for some snack and relaxation.

It was a great day filled with fun, and I can’t wait until the fun continues tomorrow!

Juniors Visit Barr Lake

Denver Juniors had a marvelous time today during their trip to Barr Lake.  We opened our day with the guitar and “Sloopy,” and the kids enjoyed singing the song as quickly as they could.

Following our morning circle time, everyone had the opportunity to hike around the lake in cabin groups.  Some campers were able to see a pair of deer, and some were able to see a large Blue Heron.

In the afternoon, we wound down with snack, a couple of quiet stories, and a version of “On Top of Spaghetti.”  It was a great day for all, and we are really looking forward to archery tomorrow

Juniors’ Session C Off to a Great Start

The Denver Juniors are off to a great start!

On Monday, we visited the Morrison Nature Center aolongside the Explorers, and we kicked of our week singing “Little Red Wagon” and “The Moose.”  Everyone had the opportunity to practice their deepest voice during “The Moose,” and we had a lot of fun with it.  Counselor Jamie taught everyone how to play “Ship Island,” and we had a wonderful time following the captain’s orders.  In the afternoon, every camper designed his or her own water bottle or bookmark and, I have to say, Session C has some terrific artists.

Today, Tuesday, we had a fun time tromping around the National Wildlife Refuge.  We started off with “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and “Boom-Chicka-Boom.”  The Juniors loved Counselor Andrew’s silly voices during “Boom-Chicka-Boom!”  We all were able to go on nice long hikes, and the eldest group even had the opportunity to play in a teepee that some of the Explorers helped to construct.  To finish off the day, each cabin group worked together to create a Code – the list of agreements campers and counselors will live by within their group.  Campers were into it, and they came with fantastic ideas.

It has been an action-packed two days, and I can’t wait for rock climbing and swimming tomorrow.


Explorers Session 2 and Denver Jr C Get Started!

The AO Denver camps kicked off their session at Morrison Nature Center today! Explorers started their day singing “Around the World”, “Tarzan”, and “Little Red Wagon” before moving into a game of “Ship, Island”. After a quick orientation, campers spend the afternoons in their cabin groups playing name games, doing team building activities, hiking and making water bottles! Tomorrow is fishing day at the National Wildlife Refuge!

Juniors started their day with some song and dance and games as well. They explored the beautiful surroundings at the nature center, got to know their new cabin mates and counselors and named their cabins! Juniors headed back to base camp a little early today to make their water bottles!

Pictures are posted!

Session C Starts Tomorrow!

We are very excited to begin our third session of Denver Junior Day Camp tomorrow.  We have been having so much fun at camp – the 2013 summer seems to be flying by.  Our days are filled with new friendships, amazing hikes, silly songs, goofy games, and plenty of team building.  We also get to experience many firsts – during sessions A and B, many campers were able to, for the first time, see baby buffaloes, climb a rock wall, and practice archery.

This week, the Denver Juniors will be Wild About Weather.  Throughout the week, we will spend time learning about different forms of weather, and about how weather impacts everything around us.  We will have many opportunities to interact with the natural world, and we will build meaningful friendships that will impact us throughout the coming years.

Can’t wait to kick off a fantastic week!

Final Pool Day & Barr Lake!

Yesterday was our final day to climb Wally the rock wall, and to head to the pool! Campers who’d been here all summer enjoyed climbing higher than ever before, and others just enjoyed climbing overall! We all headed to cool off in the pool. Once we were there, it clouded up and many other patrons left the pool deck. We stayed and played! The Explorers built a towel fort off the lifeguard stand and it made their day. They also of course, enjoyed lanyards!

Today we headed to Barr Lake State Park for our final trip of the summer there. We sang our hearts out when we got there and then played a new game called Fruit Salad. After that, all of the campers played a teambuilding activity together and the Juniors (Tie Dyed Penguins) especially enjoyed doing some teambuilding with the Explorers.

The Juniors then hiked the dry creek bed through an area we’ve named “the fish graveyard.” Because the creek is so low this summer, we passed by about 2 dozen dead fish bone piles in various states of decay. The campers were really good at only touching the bones with their shoes rather than their hands. We then checked out the visitor’s center where a hawk was perched on a tree nearby. After getting back to camp we shared our rose and thorn and made dino fossils in model magic.

The Explorers took a longer hike to the gazebo at the State Park. It was hot on the way there, so the cool shelter made for a nice lunch spot. The kids had great discussions and enjoyed relaxing during lunch with the counselors before heading back.

Everyone has been having such a great time this week and keeping up the best attitudes! We can tell that there is a little sadness that summer is ending and school is starting up. Campers are already making their plans for camp next summer!

Eldorado Canyon Climbing

Today was very exciting, as both groups got into Eldorado Canyon to rock climb! Each group had some fun time climbing on real rocks with our climbing guide, and then got to explore the canyon a bit too. The Juniors (called The Tie Dye Penguins) ate lunch after climbing and then took a trek on the Fowler trail. Explorers spent some time enjoying play at South Boulder Creek and did face painting. We are looking forward to climbing Wally tomorrow and then heading to the pool!

Rocking Monday of our Final Week

The first day of our final week started with a blast! Our Explores arrived ready for the day, and Juniors were very excited. We arrived at Morrison Nature Center and everyone was very helpful with getting our gear to our base for the day. We all played some games and sang some songs together. Then the explorers went out to build forts, while the juniors made dinosaur masks. After that, we all hiked to the creek for lunch and some creek sloshing. Although the water was low, we found leaches and lots of little tadpoles and minnows. The juniors finished up their day at base camp, and the explorers finished more of their forts and then wrapped up their day at the preserve. We can’t wait for climbing in Eldorado Canyon tomorrow!