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Denver Juniors!

The Denver Juniors spent Monday morning at Base Camp, singing camp songs Tarzan, Little Red Wagon, and Brown Squirrel. We then made our water bottles before heading off to Morrison Nature Center. Director Tom is with the Juniors this week, and the Sparkling Lightning Fast Bluebirds as well as the Sparkling Lightning Cheetahs went on a long hike together along Sand Creek. We learned hiking songs such as Peanut Butter Reeses Cup and Sherman the Worm. In the afternoon, we worked on Sponge Bugs and Animal Masks, and even though we didn’t have markers, there were some creative masks made out of pom-poms.

Tuesday was spent all day at Base Camp, as Activities Leader Mike had Wally the rock wall set up as well as archery. Counselor Andrew was so impressed that some of his campers were a little afraid at first to try the climbing, but decided to try it and really ended up enjoying it! In archery, Denver Juniors learned a lot about safety and learned proper techniques that were new skills for many of the campers! Because of the heat on Tuesday, both Junior groups spent a lot of time inside, where they did face paint and worked on crazy sunglasses. Many campers decided to be a Queen of the Jungle or have a green snake on their arm.

Wednesday was much cooler, so instead of swimming the Juniors went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal where we hiked to a lake with a small beach where we saw three large pelicans. Upon arriving at the beach, the campers found a crayfish and we took lots of pictures! On the way home, we all saw 4 beautiful deer with large, fuzzy antlers! We ended the day with Tumblebugs and crazy sunglasses for those who had not done them Tuesday. We are all looking forward to heading up to Wondervu tomorrow and hope to catch some fish in the camp’s lake!

Wally and Jet Stream

The Denver Juniors had a wonderful day.

In the morning, all Juniors had an opportunity to climb Wally.  Juniors will have the wall to themselves tomorrow for as much climbing as they want, but climbing today served as a nice preview.

Following climbing, everyone had lunch and put on a thick new layer of sunscreen in preparation for the pool.  Conrad drove us to Jet Stream pool, and everyone was able to swim for almost two full hours (with breaks for sunscreen in between, of course).

After all that swimming, we were quite tired.  Back at base camp, we all had some snack and read a couple of books.  We closed the day out with a game of Freeze Dance (stop when the guitar music stops), and a couple of songs: “Sloopy” and “Ho Hey.”


Denver Juniors Kick Off Session E

To kick off the fifth session of the summer, the Denver Juniors stayed behind at Denver Base Camp  for morning activities.  To start everything off, we sang “Sloopy,” and “The Penguin Song,” and we played a nice long game of Ship-Island.  Immediately following songs and games, everyone had the opportunity to design their own water bottles.  We have some fantastic young artists this week, and we had a ton of fun listening to campers as they described their new water bottle designs.

In the afternoon, Conrad picked us up in the big yellow bus and drove us to the beautiful Morrison Nature Center.  It was a hot day, but campers enjoyed hiking around the park after putting on a thick layer of sunscreen.  

We closed the afternoon with quiet versions of “Sloopy,” and “Ho Hey,” the latter of which is quickly becoming a Denver Junior specialty.  It was a great day for all, and we are eagerly awaiting our trip to the National Wildlife Refuge tomorrow.