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Backpacking Session 3 2011 Fern Lake!!!!

Hey hey hey, how you doin’ today!?

Today is Friday, July 29th.  About two hours ago we The Pick Pickled Raisons arrived back in Boulder after an amazing two night three day backpacking trip.  We hiked through rain, sunshine, and cloudy skies.  We saw lakes, streams, and waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, boulder fields, and rainbow trout.

We carried in our backpacks food, tents, clothes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, flashlights, stoves, fuel, and first aid.  On day one we hiked the steep trails all the way to Fern Lake.  When we got to our site we made it our own.  Over an amazing dinner of pita pizzas we encountered friendly squirrels who we named and adopted as pets.

Day two started off with a relaxing breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes.  Later we took a day hike to the beautiful Odessa Lake.  That night we told stories over hot chocolate and listened to Pete play the Ukele.

This morning we started off the day with an exceptional breakfast of oatmeal (don’t worry campers got seconds) before making our four mile trek back to the trailhead.  The day was full of the usual repetitive phrases: cinnnnaminnaminnamina, TIMANDOUGTIMANDDOUG, tunnnnnnaaaaa, and boom ding BOOM DING.

When we finally got back to base camp we ate lunch, cleaned out all the gear, decorated our shield, and said many heart felt goodbyes.  And so ended an amazing backpacking trip.  See you next year Fern Lake

Backpacking Day 2!!!

Today was day two of Intro to Backpacking.  Today we hiked our longest hike yet, 6.5 miles!  We took the Fowler trail all the way to the Dowdy Draw trailhead.  On our way we saw a big rattlesnake and loads of ladybugs.  We ate lunch on the trail, during which we came up with our group name: the Pink Pickled Raisons.

When we got back from the trail, the whole group got a lesson in camp cooking and backpack packing.  Now I can finally say that we are ready for our trip tomorrow!  Fern Lake here we come!!!

Backpacking Day 1

Today was our first day of Intro to Backpacking!  We started the day off with a few getting-to-know-you activities before fitting our packs and starting up the trail.  We took Rattlesnake Gulch Trail all the way to the old burnt down hotel before turning around and hiking to the cave across the street from the Bastille Crag.

In the end of the day we ate snack and planned food for our overnight trip.  All in all it was a great first day.  Get your stuff ready for our hike tomorrow!

Day II with the Flying Purple Pandas

Full packs, ninety degree heat, and blistering sun; none of these could dim the Purple Pandas spirit as they set forth for a five mile hike on the Fowler and Doudy Draw trail.

Today was the final day of preparation before the group takes off for their three day and two night trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the group rose to the occasion, finishing the hike a full hour quicker than the previous weeks group. ( Sorry Backcountry Monkeys, we still miss ya!)

Following the hike, the group, tired, but in high spirits, went back to Base Camp where Tommy led a group on camp cooking, and Jess led a backpack packing clinic.  After an hour of sweat, and heavy use of claw,” packs were packed and leaning against the wall, ready to go bright and early.

The group concluded with some team-building and went home tired and fulfilled!

Purple Flying Pandas!

The Flying Purple Pandas kicked off week two of backpacking with a hot hike in Eldorado Canyon.  Despite the heat, kids spirits and excitement levels were high for the ensuing week.  Tomorrow we will take to the trails for a 4 mile hike with full packs, in preparation of our trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park!

The Backcountry Monkeys Return From Battle Mountain

The Backcountry Monkeys returned today from three days and two nights at the Battle Mountain group site in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After two days hiking in Boulder, the group was eager to hit the high country trails.  Packed and ready, the group left AO base camp at Whittier Elementary on Wednesday morning, and arrived ready to go at the Longs Peak trailhead.

With 2.8 miles and 1800 vertical feet behind them, the group arrived at tree line to find their camp site for the next two days.  The Backcountry monkeys set up camp, LNT style and established a cook site, and after a delicious meal of bean burritos, called it a night, knowing with first light, they would be again taking to the trail.

At 6AM the group awoke to hot cocoa and oatmeal, and hit the trail.  They ascended further up the Longs Peak trail, topping out at over 12,500 feet on Granite Pass!  At the top of the pass the group was treated to a map reading lesson with Jess and a few snacks before heading back to camp.

Some personal reflection time ensued before the group camp back together to create their group code, and go over LNT principles with Tom and Jess.  A delicious dinner of macaroni and sauce cooked completely by the kids followed, before everyone turned in for the night.

The trip concluded today with a short hike back down to the waiting van, a ride back to Boulder, the creation of our group shield and some cleaning and debrief.  All said and done, a wonderful trip!

Distance Challenge and the ABC’s of Pack Packing

Today our group went on a strenuous 5 mile hike from Eldorado Canyon to the Dowdy Draw trail head.  The hike was mostly flat, but the distance was a challenge.  The campers proved themselves on the long trek and I am sure the whole group will be adequately prepared for the 1.6 mile hike we will do tomorrow in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The hike was beautiful and we enjoyed views of the Bastille and climbers on route.  After making it back to the van intact, we drove back to base camp for a lesson on packing.  Campers will return tomorrow with the rest of their stuff packed and ready to drive north!  Tomorrow we will double check gear, and hit the road. Rocky Mountain National Park here we come!

Backpacking – Trip 1 : Day 1

Altogether Outdoors’ backpacking crew, “The Backcountry Monkeys”, took to the trails of Eldorado Canyon for a soggy, but wonderful hike up Rattlesnake Gulch.  True to it’s name, the crew was treated to the presence of a large, still yet to be identified snake slithering across the trail.

The Backcountry Monkeys played some games, discussed expectations, went over packing lists.  In addition they talked about the route they will take on their three day, two night backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Everybody went home tired, but excited, fulfilled and ready for another great hike tomorrow!