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Final Pool Day & Barr Lake!

Yesterday was our final day to climb Wally the rock wall, and to head to the pool! Campers who’d been here all summer enjoyed climbing higher than ever before, and others just enjoyed climbing overall! We all headed to cool off in the pool. Once we were there, it clouded up and many other patrons left the pool deck. We stayed and played! The Explorers built a towel fort off the lifeguard stand and it made their day. They also of course, enjoyed lanyards!

Today we headed to Barr Lake State Park for our final trip of the summer there. We sang our hearts out when we got there and then played a new game called Fruit Salad. After that, all of the campers played a teambuilding activity together and the Juniors (Tie Dyed Penguins) especially enjoyed doing some teambuilding with the Explorers.

The Juniors then hiked the dry creek bed through an area we’ve named “the fish graveyard.” Because the creek is so low this summer, we passed by about 2 dozen dead fish bone piles in various states of decay. The campers were really good at only touching the bones with their shoes rather than their hands. We then checked out the visitor’s center where a hawk was perched on a tree nearby. After getting back to camp we shared our rose and thorn and made dino fossils in model magic.

The Explorers took a longer hike to the gazebo at the State Park. It was hot on the way there, so the cool shelter made for a nice lunch spot. The kids had great discussions and enjoyed relaxing during lunch with the counselors before heading back.

Everyone has been having such a great time this week and keeping up the best attitudes! We can tell that there is a little sadness that summer is ending and school is starting up. Campers are already making their plans for camp next summer!

Eldorado Canyon Climbing

Today was very exciting, as both groups got into Eldorado Canyon to rock climb! Each group had some fun time climbing on real rocks with our climbing guide, and then got to explore the canyon a bit too. The Juniors (called The Tie Dye Penguins) ate lunch after climbing and then took a trek on the Fowler trail. Explorers spent some time enjoying play at South Boulder Creek and did face painting. We are looking forward to climbing Wally tomorrow and then heading to the pool!

Rocking Monday of our Final Week

The first day of our final week started with a blast! Our Explores arrived ready for the day, and Juniors were very excited. We arrived at Morrison Nature Center and everyone was very helpful with getting our gear to our base for the day. We all played some games and sang some songs together. Then the explorers went out to build forts, while the juniors made dinosaur masks. After that, we all hiked to the creek for lunch and some creek sloshing. Although the water was low, we found leaches and lots of little tadpoles and minnows. The juniors finished up their day at base camp, and the explorers finished more of their forts and then wrapped up their day at the preserve. We can’t wait for climbing in Eldorado Canyon tomorrow!

Creek sloshing and kites!

We spent Our Friday at the Morrison Nature Center, where the weather treated us nicely and we stayed in the shade. The juniors got to explore Sand Creek and catch toads, fish and craw dads with Ranger Joy. All campers sloshed in the creek in their water shoes, and the Explorers made kites and flew them proudly. Lanyards, of course, were an integral part of a relaxed Friday! We are all excited about our last week of the summer here at AO!

Fish, Deer, Raccoons, Prairie Dogs, a Fox, and More!

Today was an epic day for seeing wildlife at the Arsenal! On our way in, a fox crossed the road in front of our bus. When the Junior campers were fishing, one of them caught a fish on our home-made fishing rods (similar to Cane Rods). While the Explorers were fishing, they encountered a raccoon that chased them off the fishing bridge. On their way out of the Arsenal, the juniors saw 3 does on the side of the road. And, of course, we saw quite a few prairie dogs on the way in and out of the Arsenal!

The juniors also built cool watersheds after their fishing excitement, and learned how water flows through creeks, and streams and rivers on it’s way downhill. The explorers spent their afternoon at the shores of Lake Ladora building boats and launching them, and creating sand towers and moats!

Barr Lake!

The first day of session 6 and K turned out to be a blast. We started with group songs and games together. Then we divided up into Explorers and Juniors.

The Juniors took a trek along a dried creek bed. We found a really cool sandy spot to build homes for ants before eating lunch. After lunch, we walked in the dry creek bed that we later named the “fish grave yard.” There were at least 2 dozen dead fish skeletons we passed along our way.

When we got back to base camp, we created our name, the Electric Eels, and made our group code over gorp.

Then explorers decorated their water bottles, and created their group name, The Unbeatable USA Snake Raptors. We can’t wait for fishing day tomorrow!

Ending at the Creek

Today was a great ending day to end the week. We all started out at the creek and found lots of animals. The water was a nice escape from the heat. The juniors ate lunch and then had a great time flying our kites that we made earlier this week. The Explorers spent their afternoon creating a cabin shield to put onto the bus, adding items to a session 5 time capsule, and practicing their skit. they yhen returned to base camp to perform their skit for the juniors.

Cool Eldorado

We all piled on the bus this morning to take the long ride to Eldorado. However the ride did not seem that long with a few songs and the legend of Shock-T being told. When we arrived we were greater by a refreshing breeze. We could skip our our daily routine of bug spraying since there are not many bugs in the canyon that sting us. The juniors hiked down to a cave to have lunch. We all thought it was awesome. We saw rock climbers on the way. The explorers went on a separate hike on the Fowler Trail. They had lunch at a beautiful spot by a stream, and then finished up with making tumble bugs and GORP.

A lanyardy pool day!

We had exciting news this week! Tommy, our founder, and his wife had their first baby on Monday evening! It is our first camp baby, named Joseph David. Because Tommy is the driver of Wally, our rock wall, we did an alternate bouldering activity at the green space on 26th & Central Park Blvd.

After climbing, we headed to the pool to cool off. The explorers (named Lillies of the Valley) really enjoyed creating lanyards. The juniors (named Electric Eagles) also got to make their own kites to fly on Friday at Morrison Nature Center. We can’t wait to go to Eldorado Canyon tomorrow!