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Final Day of the Summer in Eldorado Canyon!

Our final day was jam packed with lots of fun activities! We started out the day with an EPIC game of Predator Prey, where the Moth, Snake and Owl groups battled for food, shelter, water and prey.  Each group endlessly searched the canyon for resources while keeping watch for other groups that might do battle with them.  During battles, predators get to tag prey and they become members of the other team.  In the end, the Snake group won because of a chance card that gave them special venom to use against the owls.  All in all, the game was a fun way to teach campers about how the web of life works and what happens when humans disturb it.  Hungry campers got to eat lunch all together after the game.  Afterward, groups worked on their shields and made sponge bugs among other things.  For the afternoon, each group got a special treat! South Boulder Creek was running really slow, so campers got the opportunity to creek stomp for the first time this summer! Each person learned about river safety, put on life jackets and got to explore the shallow shore of the creek.  We found an old bit of plate, and a rock that looks like a dinosaur tooth! The day ended with snack, songs and a last day debrief of the summer.  Campers all told the group their favorite memories from the summer, and had a minute of silence to think about what and who they are thankful for.  We sang “On Top of Spaghetti” loud and proud for the final time and said our goodbyes before leaving on the bus.  It was a fun summer, and all of the counselors will miss each and every camper! We hope every one has a great school year and comes back next year!

Rockin’ Thursday

Today was a fantastic day!  The Juniors joined us in the canyon for the day.  They sang songs with us, then headed out for some climbing.  We continued our morning ritual with a fun and hilarious game called Hog Call; campers were quietly told an animal they were to imitate, then all closed their eyes and, with their “bumpers” up and the counselors for boundaries, slowly walked around, making their animal noise, and trying to connect with other campers making the same noise.  They had a blast!  After this energizing start the cabin groups met.  While one group worked on a little team-building to prepare for climbing, two other groups went for an adventurous hike!  All the groups had a great time climbing with Rainbow, the guide, at Supremacy Rock.  The campers all worked hard to climb the rock face and offered each other encouraging words and support.  After climbing, the groups all worked on crafts and planned their shields.  We finished off the day with play time and, of course, songs.  It’s hard to believe the session, and the summer, are almost over, but we are certainly filling the last few days with fun!

Wet and Wacky Wednesday!

It was cold and cloudy this morning, and the Eldorado Canyon campers kept their fingers crossed for a warm and sunny day at the pool.  After singing “Tarzan,” and “the Swimming Pool song” the sun started to peer out from the fog.  We played the “Bus Game,” where campers get to learn fun facts about each other, and then headed of to Eldorado Springs Pool.  By the time everyone was changed and ready to get in, the sun was shining and it was nice and hot per usual! After a sunscreen party and quick swim test, camper were ready to jump in test out the fun slide and cool spring water.  We practiced our synchronized swimming moves and jumped creatively off of the diving board and sides of the pool.  After lunch, campers learned how to make friendship bracelets and lanyards, and got to hang out on the upper deck for part of the afternoon.  The day started to wind down and campers changed back into their regular clothes.  We had a delicious snack of watermelon, sang a few songs and loaded on the bus to go back to basecamp! It was a great day in the canyon.

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was a fantastic day.  We started off the day with an insightful game Wearing Different Hats.  Each camper was given a cone with a sticker on it describing how to treat them, such as “give me a high five” and “ignore me.”  The campers had 10 minutes to interact with as many different people as possible.  After the 10 minutes, the campers were broken up into groups, depending on their sticker, and counselors led them all through a debriefing of what it was like being treated a certain way, and how this might translate into how they treat others who are different.  The campers were all very insightful during this debrief, showing deep understanding of different perspectives.

Two of the groups today took a hike to the cave and had lunch.  They then made pet rocks and  participated in bug catching.  The third group built different things out of popsicle sticks.  All the groups completed a teambuilding activity, and enjoyed some nature exploration and play.  It was a fun day in the Canyon!

Fabulous First Day!

We had a great first day of the session in Eldorado Canyon today! We started off with songs and a get-to-know-you game called The Sun Shines On, where we learned a little bit about our shared likes and interests.  We also learned about the camp rules and boundaries.  Then all the campers split off into their different groups.  The groups took hikes to the Ranger Station and up Eldorado Canyon trail, made their water bottle covers, and completed teambuilding challenges.  Everyone enjoyed nature play, group games, and exploration this afternoon.  We finished up the day with a delicious snack, afternoon songs and, of course, the song On Top Of Spaghetti!

Fantastic Friday

We had a great last Friday.  We spent the morning practicing our skits, and we had a special audience today!  The Junior Campers came into the canyon and stayed to watch the skits today!  They were a huge success.  After the skits the campers enjoyed some play, and there was an elaborate imaginative game today between the majority of the campers and a constructed tent.  We wrapped up the session by creating a group item for the time capsule, to be opened next year during the same session, and then created a group shield.  We posted our shield on the bus at the end of the day, and shared our favorite moments from camp and some heart-felt goodbyes.  It was a wonderful end to the session!

A Swimming Day!

We had a perfect pool day today!  It was sunny and beautiful for most of the day, and yet we had the pool almost completely to ourselves; it was wonderful!  Campers swam, make lanyards, designed journals, and completed some very creative yarn art.  The diving board was a blast, and we saw some really cool wildlife, including a deer on the way to the pool and some beautiful caterpillars, dragonflies, and butterflies at the pool.  We enjoyed some nice cold slices of watermelon.  All in all it was a great day!

A Muddy but Merry Tuesday in Eldo

Today the Eldorado Canyon campers arrived at camp excited about climbing and the promise of cooler weather.  Each camper tested their skills and challenged their inner strength on the outdoor rock wall.  We were able to get every climber a chance to climb, but the drizzle turned to rain and we had to move to shelter.  Every camper had a chance to get their face painted while waiting for the rain to subside, and we got to play music and have fun spending time with each other.  During drier times, campers got to build houses and hotels with life-size “toobies,” and spend time hunting for bugs, bones and inch-worms.  We ended the day on the bus eating snack and singing “Clementine,” “I love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti.”  All in all it was a great day!

Stellar Start to the Week

We had a great day in Canyon today!  The Radioactive Flying Portapotties from Jupiter went on a long and adventurous hike this morning.  A short story kept the campers hiking strong.  The Fiery Hungarian Dragon Citruses spent the morning on teambuilding; the campers found the activities challenging, but they persevered and they had a great debriefing afterward!  The afternoon was craft time for both groups.  Everyone made Tumblebugs, and the Flying Portapotties made marbled paper while the Dragon Citruses worked with clay.  Everyone closed the day with play, songs, and delicious GORP!

The Meadow

The Meadow was as scenic and majestic as it ever was.  Dramatic billows of clouds built up most of the day, but only a light drizzle resulted; a nice treat for such hot weather.  The “Port-o-Potties” got to hike with Ed and Jess to an interesting historical artifact.  There was an old rusty car that had been used by robbers in the 1950s as a get-away car.  Apparently, a high speed chase between burglars and cops ended when the car swerved off the side of the road. rolling down the hill until an aspen tree stopped their descent.  No one was hurt, but the car remains an interesting piece of history to explore.  Afterwards, the group flew kites hundreds of feet into the air, and searched for grasshoppers and ladybugs to trap and stare at through plastic magnifying glasses.  Post lunch, the group learned about seed dispersal and got to test their trust and bravery in the “Zombie Run.”  “The Citrus” Group had a fun day as well, and got to fly kites, decorate puzzle pieces and relax in crazy creeks under the canopy.