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Explorers — First Day of Camp!

Explorers – First Day of Camp!

The Explorers started off their day at Morrison Nature Center singing songs like “Brown Squirrel,” “Tarzan,” and “Around the World.” Then they broke off into their smaller cabin groups to do some “getting to know each other” activities such as name games, creating secret handshakes, and, as a team, coming up with cabin group names (we have some creative names this session: Champions of America, The Black Spotted Flying Penguins, to name a few). For arts and crafts they decorated and personalized AO supplied water bottles. After a hot day of exploring and fun, they ended with some slower paced songs like “I Love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Explorers – Tuesday

The Explorers split their time on Tuesday between the National Wildlife Refuge and Hangar 61, where they climbed the rock wall. The morning was spent playing group games and hiking around Lake Ladora at the NWR. It was a hot day, but the cabin groups persevered and made it all the way around the lake – a total of about two miles! After lunch each cabin group got to climb “Wally,” AO’s rock wall. They then enjoyed snack time and closing songs.

Explorers – Wednesday

Despite the overcast day, the Explorers managed to have a really awesome time at the National Wildlife Refuge! The day began with an all cabin group hike to the contact station; the hike was only two miles there and back, but they saw lots of wildlife including bison, rabbits, and birds. After lunch the smaller cabin groups got together to do team building exercises like “Spiderweb” (see photo blog!) and to create their “Cabin Code.” “Cabin Codes” are rules and expectations that the campers and counselors have for each other while at camp to ensure safety and fun for all. The Explorers ended the day with songs over some tasty Goldfish. They even managed to successfully sing “I Love the Mountains” in the round! The bus ride back was also filled with group songs!

Rainy Thursday

The Explorers escaped Denver and headed to the hills for a trip to AO’s 135 acre camp property, Wondervu. The rain started early, but didn’t dampen anyones spirits. Explorers started the day singing Tarzan and Brown Squirrel to energize everyone after a long bus ride. Campers then split into their cabin groups. Many hiked to the top of the rock climbing site and took in the beautiful view it offers. Others spent time in the lodge making spongebugs and landyards. Each cabin group also took some time to fish in the lake.

Tomorrow, campers head to Barr Lake for an all camp hike!

Session 4 Begins in Denver

On a steamy Monday, the Explorers kicked off session 4 at the Morrison Nature Center! We started the day singing “Around the World”, “Brown Squirrel”, and “Little Red Wagon”, and played a game of “Ship/Island” to get everybody up and moving around. After a short camp orientation, campers found their cabin groups and set off hiking around the Nature Center. Along the way, campers played name games, did some teambuilding, and designed their water bottles. The afternoon heat proved to be strong, so we all headed back to Base Camp for some GORP and songs to close the day.

Tomorrow, campers head to the National Wildlife Refuge!

Camp Wondervu & Morrison Nature Center

Campers spent Thursday at Altogether Outdoors new 135 acre property, Camp Wondervu. Explorers boarded the bus for the hour long trek to the mountains full of expectations of catching some big fish (after a tough day on the water Tuesday) – and big fish did they catch! Over the next three hours campers pulled out close to a dozen fish, many measuring over twelve inches long! Campers also had a chance to hike up to the high point of camp and take in the beautiful view!

Today campers headed to Morrison Nature Center for some creek stomping. Everybody beat the heat with their feet in the water! We returned early to base camp as storm clouds threatened for the presentation of our cabin codes and some GORP!

Monday campers will spend the morning playing Gold Rush and the afternoon doing archery!

Fishing Day/ Wally & Pool Day

On Tuesday campers went to the National Wildlife Refuge for fishing and exploring. We were treated to a great view of bison on our drive into the refuge, setting the stage for a great day. Campers started the day singing ‘Sloopy’ and ‘The Fishing Song’. Cabin groups spent the rest of the day hiking, building forts, exploring the contact station and fishing (We only caught one fish though!).

Today Explorers spent the morning on Stapleton Green climbing Wally! Campers put forth an amazing effort, many of them completing three or more climbs!
Storm clouds wiped out our first swimming session, but campers kept great attitudes and really enjoyed the second hour. Everybody returned to the Green and had some GORP and sang songs before heading home for the day!

Stay tuned for pictures!

Session 3 gets started!

The Explorers headed to the Morrison Nature Center on a hot Monday to kick off session 3. Campers started the day by singing ‘Around the World’, ‘Little Red Wagon’, and ‘Brown Squirrel”, and playing a game of ‘Ship/Island’. Campers then split into their cabin groups to play name games, go hiking, design their water bottles and come up with their group name.

Explorers ended their day by talking about what they most enjoyed during day one of camp, and what they were most looking forward to throughout the session. Campers closed the day singing “Heart of Gold” and “Quinn the Eskimo”.

Tomorrow campers head to the National Wildlife Refuge for fishing day!

Climbing Day In Eldo

Explorers beat the heat in Eldorado Canyon State Park today! Each cabin group spent time climbing with out guides Russel and Jess and had a great time. The day included a first ascent to the hotel by the “Flying Bacon Express.” It’s hard to believe that tomorrow brings a close to Session 2! We ll spend the day creating our time capsule, performing our skits, and making our shields at Barr Lake!

Camp Wondrvu/National Wildlife Refuge & Climbing and Pool Day

The Explorers have been enjoying all that Colorado has to offer!

Monday found the group up at AO Camp Wondervu. Campers spent the day fishing on the 8 acre lake, catching four fish all over 12 inches long! Later in the day campers spent time hiking and doing archery. That evening, a very special event took place; the first overnight in AO day camp history! Campers had taco night for dinner, played a skit game, made s’mores and sang camp favorites “Heart of Gold” and “Quinn the Eskimo.”

Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns greater Explorers upon an early wake up call. All filled up, campers headed down to the National Wildlife Refuge to meet up with the rest of the group. Everybody took it easy after a long night, but enjoyed some great hiking and fishing.

Today, everybody beat the heat with pool day! After spending the morning climbing on the green, the whole crew headed to Jet Stream to cool off. Explorers returned to the Green for GORP before calling it a day!

Pictures to follow!

Explorers go to Barr Lake

The Explorers visited Barr Lake State Park and Wildlife Refuge today to see some wildlife and do some hiking. Campers started the day off signing “Sloopy” and “The Moose Song.” Ready for the day, campers got into their cabin groups to do some hiking, lanyards and fly some kites.

To stave off the afternoon heat campers and staff met under the pavilion to present their cabin codes and do their code of living exercise. Everybody closed the day singing ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Quinn the Eskimo”.

Tomorrow campers will go to the National Wildlife Refuge and do archery!

Climbing and Swimming

Coming off the excitement of the day before, the Explorers spent their day around town, climbing Wally and visiting the F-15 pool. Climbing wall Mike had Wally set up early so their was plenty of time for campers to challenge themselves on it’s 28-foot face. It was great listening to campers constantly encouraging each other!

To beat the heat on the Stapleton Green, cabins played spray tag and dunked each other with cool water!

Done climbing, we all re-applied sunblock, put on our bathing suits and headed over to the Jet Stream pool for an afternoon of swimming.

Everyone returned to the Green after swimming for some GORP and to sing some closing camp songs!

Tomorrow, Explorers head to Barr Lake State Park! Pictures are posted!