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Final Friday!

Our fun filled last day began with several songs, including Get Loose, Little Red Wagon, and Chiquita Banana. Then we finished our group shields and did a dress rehearsal of our plays. After that it was our turn to climb Wally, and everyone loved having him visit us. We packed up and jumped on the bus which took us over to Morrison Nature Center. When we arrived we had lunch and then had some free time. During free time we made some awesome animal villages and really deep holes.

By the we were all so hot that we hiked over to the bathroom where there was a camp faucet with ice cold water! We filled our hats and got cooled off, which was wonderful. When we got back one group went on a hike while the other finished up their items for the time capsule. Next we did a teambuilding game where the group had to figure out how to get everyone to get through the jump rope. By then it was time for snack so we ate some delicious chilled carrots. At last Betsy arrive with our prop box and we performed our skits! Both groups had some very interesting and hilarious plays. At last it was time to say goodbye and sing a final round of On Top of Spaghetti. We hope everyone has a great rest of the summer and we can’t wait to see them next year!

Pool adventures!

The Explorers went to Westerly Creek Park today where we started our day with the song Three Short Neck Buzzards and then played Predator/Prey. Next we started to work on our group shields which (will hang forever on the ceiling of our camp bus), and began to formulate our skits. Tomorrow we will act them out for the rest of camp, and we can’t wait to see them! By then it was time to head to the pool! We ate lunch first, since we were pretty hungry by then. After a thorough sunscreening we headed happily in to the pool!

While some people were taking breaks from the water we made lanyards and friendship bracelets. although the weather looked threatening, luckily we did not get rained out and the rest of the day was beautiful. Around 3 we packed up and ate our snack, where we talked about our group codes and what items we might want to put in our time capsules. The it was time to hop back on the bus and return to the Green. To end our day we sang I Love the Mountains and of course, On Top of Spaghetti.

Gold Rush at the Arsenal!

All the campers went to Rocky Mountain Arsenal today, where we started our morning with Head and Shoulders, Little Spaceship, and The Fishing Song. Next we had a huge sunscreen party and got hydrated for our game, Gold Rush. This game took us about an hour to fully complete, since it involved learning how to work as a team. We finally figured out how to work together and beat the counselors! We did several water breaks throughout, and everyone was pretty exhausted by the time we finished. It was almost time for lunch so we packed up our stuff and headed down to the shady gazebo by the lake.

After lunch we had some free time where we made houses for our sponge bugs an a lady bug we found. Then it was tome for fishing! While one group fished the other looked at owl pellets, and we found bones from several birds and rodents. We also caught a blue gill! Everyone got to touch him and it was pretty cool! Since it was so hot out, we headed into the old nature center where we made some thank you cards and started our own personal journals. We all had some wild and crazy energy, so by the time we finished up snack we were ready to go. We sang our afternoon songs on the bus, and we are all excited for visiting the canyon tomorrow!

Kite Flying at Cherry Creek

Today the Explorers went to Cherry Creek, where we set up camp in the shade of the trees, since we knew today was going to be a hot one! We sun screened up and then sang our morning songs, Peanut Butter Reece’s Cup and What’s That You Say? Next we played Farmer Sam, which got everyone’s blood pumping. We then went for a hike around one side of the reservoir, where we built a dam and dug some very deep holes in the sand. We also saw some mallards and a pelican. When we got back we had lunch and played some water drinking games, and everyone was pretty tuckered out.

Next we made some sponge bugs and crazy sunglasses, and afterwards we made some animal houses and did a scavenger hunt during free time. Finally it was time to fly our kites. We found an open field that seemed to be the perfect spot. Unfortunately there was not much wind, but we ran and ran and managed to get our kites high up in the air anyways. When the bus arrived we hopped on and sang On Top of Spaghetti during our ride home. Everyone was tired but it was a great fun filled day at Cherry Creek.

Fly fishing at Cherry Creek!

This morning our day began with all of us on the bus, and then we dropped the Juniors off at Morrison. We headed over to Cherry Creek State Park, and sang Tarzan and Peanut Butter Reece’s Cup. Next we played Evilution, and everyone made awesome eggs, chickens and dinosaurs. As usual, we had a sunscreen party, and then we took a short hike around the park where we saw a deer and some pelicans. After our hike we learned to fly fish and made some crazy sunglasses. Afterwards we were all pretty hungry so we had lunch under the shade of the trees by the lake. A deer was resting in the shade next to us, so that was fairly awesome.

After lunch we put on our water shoes and hiked over to a nice section of the beach, where we went wading and played Bail Me Out. Playing in the water felt so good on such a hot day. Those of us who could not go in the water made a raft and sand volcanoes. Finally we hopped on the bus, picked up the Juniors, and made our way back to the Green. At the Green we had snack and then played the mingle game. Everyone got to learn cool new handshakes and spend time with people in the other group. Next we picked out our t-shirts with our new partners using non-verbal communication. Everyone was pretty good at this game. Finally, we decorated our kites that we will fly next week, and ended our day with talking about our Roses and Thorns for the week. Our round of On Top of Spaghetti was the most enthusiastic yet! We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Crazy Weather Thursday!

The sun was shining when we started our morning, so we headed over to Vanguard to rock climb on our rock wall Wally! The Juniors climbed first so we sang Boom chick Boom and then played All Hail the Llama Goat, which was everyone’s favorite game so far. We had a great sun screen party and then the Mighty Eagles explored the awesome ditch, where we saw some snowy egrets while the Rattlesnake Frogs climbed. Everyone got a chance to cli,b up Wally, and they did amazing! Then the Mighty Eagles got to climb and the RFs headed out towards the ditch. When we returned everyone got on the bus and we drove to the F15 pool.

Before we got in we had lunch since everyone was pretty hungry so we sat in the shade and chowed down. After another sunscreen party we did our swim screen and then it was swim time! We spent all day hanging out and playing games in the pool, some people also did lanyards and crafts when they needed a break from the pool. Eventually everyone was out and we all learned how to create our own lanyards. Just as the storm was rolling in we got out of the pool and hopped in the bus right before the drops started to fall. We open our time capsule in the bus, but were cut short by the storm. We drove over to the MCA where we were sheltered from the storm and could finish our day. We sang a new song, Hermy the Worm and of course, our favorite, On Top of Spaghetti! Tomorrow we are going to Cherry Creek for some fishing and exploring.

Wednesday at Eldorado Canyon

Today was our first day of the session at Eldorado Canyon, and it was a great day with beautiful weather! We started our day on the bus making the trek up into the mountains, and preparing for the rigorous day ahead of us. When we showed up at “The Pad” in the canyon, we quickly sun screened up and got ourselves hydrated so we could start the activities as soon as possible.

The activities began with camp songs, which had the best reception of any song session so far this summer! With the positive energy we had created with the songs, we promptly departed on a huge hike up the Fowler Trail. The trail had many fascinating things to see along the way including professional rock climbers, eagles nests, a very curious jackrabbit named Bixby, and many signs of the famous ‘Shockdee’ and his wife (ask the kids, they were very enthralled with the story of ‘Shockdee’!). We hiked all the way on the trail till we were out of the canyon and could see the beautiful view of the entire Denver area. We ate lunch along the trail and made our way back to the pad.

Once we returned, we visited the ranger station and had a very successful bug hunt, where we caught everything from a grey lady bug to an inch-worm.

Thoroughly exhausted from the day, we headed back to the bus where we sang our evening songs and made our way back to Stapleton. With pool day ahead of us, we all vowed to get lots of rest and eat well tonight.

Fishing at the Arsenal!

Today started out very cold and windy, but luckily everyone came prepared with their layers and rain gear. We drove out to the Arsenal where our day began with a sunscreen party and a bathroom break. Next we sang “The Beaver Song”, “The Princess Pat” and “Moose Juice”, and got our day started! We grabbed our water bottles and hiked over to a beautiful fishing spot on the lake. The Mighty Eagles fished first and caught a giant crawfish, and the Rattlesnake Frogs went for a hike where we saw a deer, a skeleton of a deer, and a cormorant. Next the groups switched and we caught more crawfish and saw another deer. The Eagles made some animal shelters and helped patch the fort along the trail. Afterwards we all met up and headed back to our gazebo for lunch, and boy were we hungry.

After lunch we had some free time and we built another fort near our lunch spot. It was pretty awesome! Next we played some Hide and Seek with the binoculars, while some other campers made some ant villages. Later we packed up and headed into the nature center, where we learned about all sorts of animals and got to crawl in a prairie dog tunnel. We also created and signed our group codes, and then we had some yummy snack. Finally we did and animal scavenger hunt and ended our day with some closing songs, including I Love the Mountains and of course, On Top Of Spaghetti. Tomorrow we are off to Eldorado Canyon for a great day of bouldering and exploring.

First Day of Session 4!

Today was our first day of Session 4 in Denver, and what a great start it was! We all met up for the first time at the Stapleton Green, loaded up on the bus, and headed to our first day destination, the Morrison Nature Center. Like every day at camp, we started our activities with a sunscreen party and songs. The songs were a big hit, and got everyone energized and ready for the day!

With so much energy to spare, we decided to go on an adventure to explore the surroundings. We all loaded up on water and headed into the Wetland Preserve. Along the way we saw many cool things, including a giant bullfrog, many minnows, and a turtle! It was a successful hike all in all, and we made it back to the picnic tables just in time for lunch at 11:15.

After lunch, we all decorated our really awesome new water bottles, and crafted our team names (The Mighty Eagles and The Rattlesnake Frogs). This enabled us to all really learn a lot about our fellow campers, and start to form friendships with them.

We finished the day building a giant river drainage system in the dirt as a giant group during free time before afternoon snacks and songs. At the end of the day, everyone was very satisfied with our new groups and new friends, and everyone is looking forward to a day of fishing at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal!

AO Explorers hang with Jess in Eldorado Canyon

AOE counselor Zach was dearly missed today.  Zach was sick, so Jess subbed in for him in Eldorado Canyon.  We started the day with songs, a game and quick hike.  After lunch, campers got to challenge themselves with some top rope climbing! Every camper participated by facing their fears and doing their best.  Campers learned that climbing is very safe if done right, and were taught the proper commands to ensure good communication while climbing.  After climbing, campers spent free time journaling about what they see, hear, smell and feel in the canyon.  It was good to sit quietly and enjoy nature!  The last activity of the day was owl pellet dissection! Campers found lots of cool rodent and bird bones, and learned about what owls like to eat.  It was a great day in the canyon!