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Climbing and Pool Day!

Eldorado campers had a GREAT day! We started the morning singing songs with the Jr. group, who came to the canyon to play! After songs we filled our water bottles, slapped on our sunscreen and headed for the climbing wall!

Everyone climbed beautifully and were all able to climb 3 times each and were very supportive of each other while the whole group was climbing

We spent the afternoon at the pool, and it was perfect! The weather was great, the kids were great, and everyone went home tired!

We are excited for Walden Ponds tomorrow, and to come back to base camp to team build, and do crafts!

Summertime Safety For Kids!

We are proud to have Tim Main working with Altogether Outdoors/Mountain Day Camp since Summer 2006! He is currently pursuing graduate studies in Public Health at CU Denver. Here is an article he wrote for some coursework and we are excited to share it!-Director Betsy

With the end of the school year brings the joys of summer for children all over the state of Colorado. Swimming, summer camps, the outdoors, riding bikes, sunshine, all of these are what every child looks forward to. Unfortunately with the joys of summer also bring the dangers of summer, unintentional childhood injuries.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalization for children in Colorado (1), and over the summer time the likelihood of these injuries occurring increases dramatically (2). Common summer-time injuries include drowning, falls, bike injuries, motor vehicle injuries and pedestrian injuries. Fortunately there are simple things we all can do to ensure that our children’s summer is full of adventure instead of adversity.

Everyone loves going to the pool on a hot summer day to relax and play in the water, so it is no surprise that drowning are the second leading cause of childhood death in the United States. Nearly 9 out of 10 fatal childhood drownings occur during a lapse in supervision (2). This fact sends us a strong message: supervision is critical for keeping children safe. Make sure when children are at a pool or near a large body of water that they are always under the supervision of an adult who is within arms reach of the child. Rivers and lakes provide different challenges than pools with their strong currents and undertows. Children should always wear personal floatation devices when participating in any activity in or near water such as boating, fishing and even playing on the shore.

Falls are the leading cause of hospitalization and death in children, and consistently occur more often in the summer (1,2). Falls can occur anywhere such as, off furniture, out of windows, off rocks, and playground equipment (2). Preventative devices such as window guards or appropriate playground padding have been shown to be successful at reducing the amount and severity of injuries suffered from falls. Supervision and enforcement of rules that keep children away from dangerous places are also successful in reducing injuries and deaths from falls.

Unintentional childhood injuries that seem common but can have negative consequences later in life are sunburns. Sunburns have been shown to lead to the development of melanoma, the leading cause of skin cancer, later in life. Sunburns can be easily prevented through the use of sunscreen, proper clothing, and being in the shade. Even though these prevention techniques are very easy research shows that only 11.7% of high school girls and 6.3% high school boys reported using sunscreen when spending time outside in the sun for more than an hour (3). The proper use of sun safety techniques as children can prevent them from developing skin cancer later in life.

Summer should be a time of joy and safety for all children and Altogether Outdoors/Mountain Day Camp always puts your child’s safety  above all else. AO/MDC uses the simple techniques discussed in this article such as increased adult supervision, enforcement of rules and use of injury prevention devices such as flotation devices and sunscreen create a safe environment. This culture of safety has allowed MDC to win the Safety 1st Award for summer camps from Markel Insurance Company in 2008 and 2009. At MDC children learn that practicing safe behavior is fun and rewarding which leads to many exciting memories that children will keep for their entire lives.


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